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To dream is to dream. to do is better.

The lessons from many jobs have taught me that you can have an incredible employer, and still wish to be anywhere but where you work - not because there is anything
wrong with the job, but because what you do there doesn’t truly fuel your passion and empower the things that make you happy.

You’ll find a hodgepodge of information in this place:
From new products, to DIY crafts and face-lifting projects for your home, to remedies I swear by - and that have my friends coming to me by the masses for during sicky-seasons!
The possibilities are endless!

Opening this door has been frightening, but rewarding and empowering.

I hope you’ll give me the change to be a part of your special occasions by contacting me to create custom artwork, and by allowing me the honor of a place in your home, your wedding ceremony, your special occasions, or anywhere else that you see fit.